Welcome to the OhmyGAHHH Wiki!

This is a community dedicated to alternate Polandball history and related materials, the game starts in 2021 in a world without any countries, you can create your own countries with any name and government. Make friends both in your countries and in the wiki! 
The Rules can be found here, this wiki is currently not that popular, so you can expand it by creating a lot of countries, you can have up to 8 countries too.
If you wanna keep in touch with more things, make a Discord account and join the Discord server.

Just a little reminder since they don't have this in the rules. If you are inactive for 2 weeks your countries will be deleted.

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The Official Map

The Official Map

How to get started

To get started, simply go up into the navagation area and click "Add new page"! Of course, it would be wise to look at the map first and claim an area of land first! Be sure to know you can have up to ONLY 8 countries, and you cannot claim a huge area of land. An area you could look at to see if a country is taken is the "Countries" category as well. 

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